Some people are a "Slave to Memory" and others don’t forget, in "Empire" fall finale

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Fox/Chuck Hodes(NEW YORK) — Empire delivered its fall finale, “Slave to Memory,” Wednesday night.  Here’s some highlights from the explosive show: 

— Lucious wants a crack at exacting revenge on the DuBois family after Andre’s mental breakdown. But Cookie tells him to slow down for a moment. Meanwhile Cookie, Hakeem, Jamal and Thirsty concoct a plan of their own in order to break into the DuBois family’s Captain Ball.

— A farewell party is thrown for Eddie, who’s leaving the Empire family.   

— Warren visits Jamal at his home with an important message. 

— Lucious and Cookie trick Angelo, who gets into a car with the two. Lucious tells Angelo to sign a confession. Lucious beats up Angelo in a dark alleyway as Cookie watches. Angelo signs the confession. 

— Lucious, Cookie, Andre, Jamal and a group of musicians crash the Captain Ball. 

— Cookie introduces Warren via video. He says he wants everyone at the Captain Ball to know who Diana is and confesses that she conspired to kidnap Bella. Cookie also tells everyone that Dr. Lambert gave Andre psychosis-inducing drugs, thanks to Diana, and that Diana paid Warren to break Jamal’s heart.   

— Hakeem gives Anika a document to sign in order to give Bella back to him and to save herself from going back to jail. 

— Police arrive at the Captain Ball to arrest Diana.  

— Angelo intentionally shoots Warren and Jamal accidentally shoots Angelo.  

— Lucious visits Andre in the hospital and finds Shine there. After Shine leaves them alone, Andre, in a drugged-up state, confesses to Lucious that he tried to kill him in Las Vegas. A needle is then injected into Lucious’ neck and Lucious finds himself tied up, with Claudia to blame. 

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