Georgia woman defends her dogs from attacking owl

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by ABC News No Comments — A Georgia woman chased off an owl after it reportedly attacked her two dachshunds Tuesday morning northwest of Atlanta.

According to ABC affiliate WSB, Deborah Johnson let her dogs out for the morning when an owl appeared and started assaulting her pups.

Looking for the nearest item that could serve as a weapon to fight off the owl, Johnson grabbed a leaf blower.

“I turn the blower on,” Johnson told WSB. “I walk out and I turn the loud blower on cuz they don’t like that loud noise.”

Johnson said the owl was on the larger side, measuring several feet tall. It was so big, Johnson said, its wings enveloped her larger dog, Gabe.

Despite being armed with the leaf blower, Johnson said the owl turned from her dogs to her.

“As soon as I touched the owl he got on me,” Johnson said. “He knocked me down, flat on the ground.”

Johnson said the owl only went away after she started kicking and screaming.

She suffered only minor injuries, but did go to a local urgent care center to get a tetanus shot as a precaution, according to WSB.

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