Trevor Jackson discusses his "grown-ish" character and how the series represents "the story of humanity"

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Freeform/Kelsey McNeal(NEW YORK) — Trevor Jackson is ready to experience his first taste of college life in the Yara Shahidi black-ish spinoff, grown-ish

The series follows Shahidi’s character Zoey as she heads to college and experiences the challenges of adulthood. Jackson, who played Zoey’s close friend Aaron on black-ish, says fans will get to watch his and Zoey’s relationship evolve on the new series.

“You know he’s kind of a ladies man in a sense — but he’s very political, very pro black, black power, black lives matter,” Trevor tells ABC Radio. “He’s all about the movement and trying to better the world and his culture. So that’s kind of his main mission but obviously you know he may or may not have feelings for Zoey and some things might get tangled up and untangled again.”

In addition to their evolving relationship, Jackson says the show will touch on timely topics in a “non-judgmental” way.

“The racial, the technology, the sex, drugs, everything,” Jackson explains. “I just feel like it’s the story of humanity. You know it’s us growing up and it’s acceptance. I feel like we show so many different walks of life within the show and that’s what I feel like the goal should always be whenever you create something to create a non-judgmental zone that people will understand each other.”

However, Jackson says while he admires Aaron’s wokeness, he and his character are completely different.

“I’m such a creative hippie at times that I kind of just try and separate myself from all of that stuff and just try and focus on my craft,” Jackson says. “But I’m being very very educated about everything… working with Kenya [Barris] … he really is hitting all points and saying all the things that need to be said.

grown-ish premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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