Marvel Studios releases "Black Panther" featurette; announces Kendrick Lamar collaboration for "Black Panther: The Album"

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Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — If you were already excited for the Blank Panther movie, Marvel Studios is going to amp things up. 

The company has both launched a featurette called Black Panther: From Page to Screen, and announced that Kendrick Lamar has been tapped to curate and produce Black Panther: The Album.

The former, which is now available on YouTube, shows the origins of the titular hero, created by comic icons Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and how director Ryan Coogler and star Chadwick Boseman is bringing the character back to the big screen.

Black Panther/and his alter-ego, Wakandan King T’Challa, made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. Calling that a “highlight” of that blocbkuster, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige enthused, “People came out of that movie going, ‘I want to know more about that character!”

“There’s something very special about him,” Lee says.

Meanwhile, for the latter project, Kendrick, along with Billboard Executive of the Year Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith will collaborate with Coogler to assemble music specifically inspired by the film. It marks the first time Kendrick will write, produce, perform and curate for a major motion picture. The album will feature the lead single, “All the Stars,” a collaboration between Kendrick and SZA.

“Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is amazing, from its cast to its director,” Kendrick says in a statement. “The magnitude of this film showcases a great marriage of art and culture. I’m truly honored to contribute my knowledge of producing sound and writing music alongside Ryan and Marvel’s vision.”

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira. It hits theaters February 16.

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