Jimmy Kimmel says it’s too soon to tell how he’ll address harassment issue at the Oscars

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — On Sunday night, Seth Meyers strongly addressed Hollywood’s sexual harassment issue during his Golden Globes monologue, but can we expect more of the same at the Oscars in March? Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Press Association tour in Pasadena, California, on Monday, Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel said it’s too soon to tell.

“The problem is, it’s two months from now, it’s almost like getting into a hot tub or something,” Kimmel explained. “You can’t really know what the temperature is until you get there.”

But Kimmel did admit it was very important for him to observe how Meyers handled the topic.

“I was like, ‘I have to see what Seth says and how it is received,'” Kimmel said. “And I do thank him for being that litmus test.”

Reporters also asked Kimmel if he’s hoping for another Moonlight/La La Land-style mix-up this year.

“Well, if it happens again, literally everyone that works at ABC should be fired, right?” he replied, as the reporters laughed. “Because it happens one time, that’s I think understandable.  But if it happens a second time, no one is competent enough to be running a television show or network.”

For the record, it was a Price Waterhouse accountant who was behind the mix-up last year, not an ABC employee.

Kimmel weighed in on the #OprahforPresident calls that followed Oprah’s roof-raising speech at the Globes.

“Given the choice between Oprah and our current president, y’know, I’m on the bus with Oprah, traveling the country, encouraging people to sign up and vote,” he said.

Then, Jimmy joked, “We would have to call her President Winfrey…you realize that. We would really have to start using the word ‘Winfrey’ a lot…I don’t know if we’re prepared for that as a country.”

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