"Lady Bird" star chooses this Grammy-winning superstar on "Who’d You Rather?"

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“Lady Bird” – Photo by Merie Wallace, courtesy of A24(LOS ANGELES) — Lady Bird star Saoirse Ronan just won a Golden Globe award and she’ll likely get an Oscar nomination next week.  But while her career is on the rise, the 23-year-old Irish actress’ love live isn’t: She’s single.  So of course, when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, Ellen made her play an extremely lengthy game of “Who’d You Rather”…and a music superstar came out on top.

On “Who’d You Rather,” Ellen shows her guests pictures of two celebrities, and the guest has to choose which one they’d “rather.” Ellen started Saoirse off with Timothée Chalamet, her Lady Bird co-star. 

The game then progressed with the following picks:

1. Timothée Chalamet over Colin Farrell
2. Timothée Chalamet over Harry Styles
3. Jamie Dornan over Timothée Chalamet
4. Ed Sheeran over Jamie Dornan
5. Daniel Radcliffe over Ed Sheeran
6. Kendrick Lamar over Daniel Radcliffe
7. Drake over Kendrick Lamar
8. Mark-Paul Gosselaar over Drake
9. Mark-Paul Gosselaar over Orlando Bloom
10. Zac Efron over Mark-Paul Gosselaar
11. Jake Gyllenhaal over Zac Efron
12. Chris Martin over Jake Gyllenhaal
13. Chance the Rapper over Chris Martin

Then, finally, given the options of Chance and Bruno Mars, Saoirse didn’t even let Ellen finish — she immediately said, “Bruno, definitely!”  “There’s a few that are instant for sure,” she said. “Like a gut reaction.”

When Ellen pointed out that sadly, Bruno has a girlfriend, Saoirse said, “Y’know, companionship is fine. Even just a friendship, I’m fine with. Even if we just, like, email or have a correspondence.”  

“OK, we’ll get that happening,” Ellen said as the audience laughed.

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