"Scandal" recap: "Robin"

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) — On Scandal episode “Robin,” Eli is seen lighting a body on fire in a junkyard and the reports it. Later, Liv and the gladiators meet and learn that the body is Quinn’s. After Charlie realizes that Quinn and their unborn child are now dead, he reveals that he and Quinn were going to name their baby Robin.

During the funeral arrangements for Quinn, Charlie is indecisive. He wants to turn her remains into ammunition. Liv finally agrees. Charlie asks her to do Quinn’s eulogy.

Huck questions Liv on notes from the coroner’s report on Quinn. He’s later cries over Quinn’s burnt body in the morgue promising to get revenge on her killer.

Later, Fitz visits Liv. Liv isn’t happy to see him and tells him off. She yells, blames him for playing a part in Quinn’s death and slams the door in his face. 

Huck, still suspicious about Liv being involved in Quinn’s death, goes to Abby’s house to talk about his findings. There, he tells her that Liv is responsible for Quinn’s death. Abby is skeptical, but Huck refuses to back down. Abby kicks him out.

Huck later shows up at Fitz offices and tells him Liv is not the “same person anymore.” Fitz says he knows — and admits he tried to save her from becoming a horrible person.

When Huck is alone, he struggles with what to do knowing that Liv was involved with Quinn’s death. Should he torture and kill her — or leave it alone? He later returns to Quinn’s offices where he hears a noise. It’s Olivia — who breaks a vase, because she’s drunk.

Liv says she’s there to find inspiration for Quinn’s eulogy. She mumbles about Quinn to Huck and then leaves.

On the day of the funeral, Charlie puts some of Quinn’s remains in the bullets. Abby helps him and the gladiators are seen preparing for Quinn’s funeral.

Liv gives the eulogy, which is short and sad. Then, one by one the gladiators fire bullets into the dirt that are filled with Quinn’s remains.

Later, the gladiators reminisce about Quinn as they drink together at the office. Liv, who was invited to join them, ends up at Fitz’ place. After a few silent and tense moments, they sleep together.

In the office garage, David sees Charlie in his car in a daze. Charlie says he can’t return home because of the baby stuff at his place. So David agrees to take some of the stuff back with him and Abby. However, when he and Abby attempt to fix up a play pen, they discover a hidden flash drive. 

Charlie, still upset, ends up at Eli’s house to ask for his old job as a hitman back. Eli tells Charlie to leave and to think about what he’s asking. As Charlie tries to get Eli to take him back, he hears a baby crying… and rushes upstairs to see an infant.

Charlie asks Eli whose baby it is. Eli does not respond and Charlie starts choking Eli as the episode ends.

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