"The Bachelor" recap: Sienne gets Arie swirlin’, Krystal is insecure and Bekah’s age is revealed

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Craig Sjodin/ABC(NEW YORK) — There were only 15 girls going into the fourth week of The Bachelor. As the show opened, Chelsea, Caroline and Becca K. talked about the dramatic age difference between Bekah M. and Arie Luyendyk Jr., of which he was completely unaware.

Host Chris Harrison showed up to tell the girls to get packing — because they were all going to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada to meet Arie, who was already there. Arie shocked everyone when he invited Sienne for a one-on-one date, which villainess Krystal hoped would end with Sienne going home. Arie took Sienne parasailing and later they talked and kissed on the beach. That night, Arie took Sienne to the Hard Rock Cafe for a private dinner and when they talked she was vulnerable and open and told Arie that she never had a real romance. Arie gave her a rose and then took her dancing. They kissed a lot, which was tough luck for Krystal.

In the meantime, it was revealed that Maquel’s grandfather passed away so she went home to be with her family and suddenly it was down to 14.

The group date was with professional survivalists in the woods, where the gang was supposed to drank their own pee. Arie went first but when it came to the girls, there was some resistance. Marikh said, “Gandhi used to drink his own pee… but I’m not Gandhi.” Turns out that Arie only had apple juice and got the girls off the hook, but later they ate worms for real. 

The only survival the girls needed to train for was fending off cattiness. When they all joined Arie in a hot tub, there was some tension between Krystal and the other girls as Krystal questioned what she was doing after Tia and Caroline pointed out to Arie that he put his arm around Krystal in the hot tub.

Later, Arie and Kendall bonded over her eating worms and they kissed.

Krystal took Arie aside and confessed her insecurity and that her anger about the way the other girls have been treating her led her to confront Tia and Caroline, but this achieved nothing.

Back at the lodge, Ari gave Tia a rose and Krystal complained about it. 

On their one-on-one date, Arie and Bekah went horseback riding and ended up in a hot tub. Arie said Bekah seems really mature and is a lot deeper than most of the women he dated. Bekah liked the honestly and openness they have with each other, adding, “I think I really like him as a person — not just the chemistry. I mean, the physical chemistry is there. That’s a given. But it’s very natural between us, and I see a future — like, a real future.”

Later, Bekah and Arie showed their similarities when they had a conversation about age difference and used the word “like” 13 times in 25 seconds. “I think it’s a valid fear. I think it is. Like, do you like to, like, still, like, go out a lot? And do you still like to — I don’t know. I’m just like — I feel like I’ve just become a little bit more boring… Yeah. …But only because I like different things. Yeah. You know what I mean?” To which Bekah responded, “Well, a lot of my life is, like, I get up super — super early, like, on Saturdays and drive up to Palm Springs with my friends to go climbing. Mm-hmm. And, like, those kind of things, like… ”|

When Bekah revealed that she is 22 years old, 14 years younger than Arie, he was shocked. He expressed his concern that she might not be ready for marriage but said he was conflicted because of the chemistry between them. Nevertheless, he gave her a rose.

At the Rose Ceremony, as Bekah, Sienne and Tia all had roses, the first rose went to Lauren B., followed by Kendall, Ashley, and Becca K., Chelsea, Jenna, Jacqueline and Marikh. Then, after she had stopped the ceremony to talk to him and express her continued interest in him and reiterate her insecurity, Arie gave Krystal the last rose.

The curvaceous and funny Brittany T. was gracious about going home but admitted she is ready for love and hopeful for the future. Considering how little screen time she got in four weeks after her sensational debut in the first episode, she should become the next Bachelorette.

Caroline could not believe Krystal got chosen over her.

Next week, Arie and the girls head to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Bachelor air Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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