Jane Seymour revisits her aerobics past in new comedy, "Let’s Get Physical"

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Pop(NEW YORK) — Jane Seymour knows the ‘80s aerobics craze all too well, so when she was asked to star in the new “aerobics comedy” Let’s Get Physical, she jumped at the chance.

“Leg warmers, high cut leotards…I was there!” the British actress tells ABC Radio. “I was actually on the cover of a Jane Fonda pregnancy workout. Just for the record, yes, I did the whole thing.”

In Let’s Get Physical, Seymour plays Janet Force, the matriarch of a once-mighty fitness dynasty established by her late husband. After he passes away, their out-of-shape son, played by Breaking Bad’s Matt Jones, is forced to take over the family business.

It’s set in modern day but there are plenty of ‘80s references to go around. While Seymour says she’s content to keep the Spandex and frizzy hairdos in the past, she wouldn’t mind bringing back some ‘80s tunes.

“Olivia Newton-John’s a really good friend of mine and that song ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is fabulous and we were all rocking out to that and I’m just thinking, you know what? I’m gonna work out to that music the next time I’m on my bicycle,” she says. 

The 66-year-old actress may have hung up her leg warmers for good in real life, but she still stays active by doing spin class and Pilates – no Spandex required.

Let’s Get Physical debuts tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on Pop.

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