13-year-old boy who fell through thin ice on a pond saved by friends

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ABCNews.com(BOSTON) — Three middle school students jumped into action when one of their classmates fell through thin ice in Melrose, Massachusetts, on Wednesday morning.

While on his way to school with his classmates, 13-year-old Griffin DelGreco walked by the frozen Ell Pond.

Griffin told ABC affiliate WCVB in Boston that, for some reason, he decided to walk onto the ice.

“I don’t really know why, but I went onto the ice,” the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School student said. “I couldn’t feel the bottom. I was trying to stay up and just hanging onto the side.”

Griffin’s classmates had not gone on the ice, until they heard the 7th grader screaming for help.

“I couldn’t pull myself up because it was too slippery,” Griffin recalled.

Two of his classmates, a boy and a girl, were able to reach the boy and pulled him out to safety while the others called 911.

When Melrose Police and Fire got to the scene, they found all the kids on the shore of Ell Pond.

“I didn’t get hurt too bad, but it was really cold and really scary,” Griffin said.

Griffin was taken to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital as a precaution.

After the incident, a sign was posted near the pond warning “Danger Thin Ice.”

Although Griffin was not seriously injured, he said the accident did teach him something.

“It was a good lesson that you shouldn’t really do things before thinking,” he said.

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