"Scandal" recap: "Good People"

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ABC/Eric McCandless(NEW YORK) —  In Scandal episode “Good People,” a flashback shows the day that Quinn went missing.

After being drugged on her wedding day, Quinn wakes up in her wedding dress, chained to a bed.

Eli enters and tells Quinn, who is seven months pregnant, that he set her up in a secure bunker in his house, but made it look like she ran off on her wedding day. Eli explains to Quinn that she is “currency” for Eli’s freedom from Olivia. The events of that day play out, starting with Liv and Eli’s meeting at a restaurant to discuss Quinn’s freedom.

After his meeting with Liv goes sour, Eli returns home seemingly ready to kill Quinn. In the video feed that Jake monitors, Eli promises to kill Quinn in three days if he does not get his dinosaur bones back and freedom.

Eli then tells Quinn that Liv is not willing to save her life. After seeing she’s at the mercy of Eli, Quinn becomes hysterical and tells him that it’s over for them and that they’ll never be free.

Eli starts to work on another plan. He decides to buy a crib, but then struggles with what he’s going to do as the 72 hours start to run out and he has to make decision.

Quinn, who is still trapped, starts hallucinating about her fiancé Charlie and her friend Huck. In a vision, Huck tells her to fight and try to get free. 

After getting the crib, Eli also gets a new gun. Through the feed, he lets Jake know that he’s going to kill Quinn. Jake lets Liv know about Eli’s plans and she comes over to Eli’s house. There, they argue about Quinn’s life.

Meanwhile, Quinn devises a way to escape. She see visions of the gladiators, who try to tell her what to do. She searches for something to help her escape, but comes up with nothing.

Upstairs, Liv counts down the time before Eli’s supposed to kill Quinn. He heads down to kill her and finds that Quinn has escaped — but she’s actually just hiding. They get into a scuffle and Quinn pleads for Eli not to kill her.

Eli shoots at Quinn, but does not kill her. Instead, he shows Quinn Liv’s true nature and that she did not fight for her life. However, while venting about Liv, Quinn goes into labor. 

Eli tries to get Quinn to deliver the baby in his house. She refuses, and tries to leave, but Eli drugs her and calls his friend over to help him deliver her baby.

After the baby is born, Quinn wakes up in Liv’s old room. There, Eli gives Quinn her new baby girl. Walking around the room, Quinn realizes that Eli’s expects her to stay there for a significant amount of time.

Upset, she finds Eli, who is mopping up blood from the man who helped deliver her baby. Quinn gets upset, but realizes that Eli did it to protect her from Olivia.

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