"Scandal" recap: "The People v. Olivia Pope"

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) — In the Scandal episode “The People v. Olivia Pope,” Fitz and Liv head to Vermont for what is supposed to be a romantic weekend. There, Liv encounters Huck, Abbey, David Rosen, and Marcus, who surprise Liv with an intervention.

In a different scene, Quinn stops Charlie from choking Eli. In shock, Charlie questions how Quinn is alive and about the birth of their baby. Quinn reassures Charlie that everything is OK and that Eli is not trying to kill her or their child — he’s just trying to keep them safe from Olivia.

Meanwhile, at the White House, Cyrus tells Mellie that Liv is responsible for Rashad’s and Quinn’s deaths.

In Vermont, the gladiators give Liv an ultimatum: admit her wrongdoings and relinquish her power or David Rosen will press charges.

At the White House, Mellie questions Jake about Rashad’s death. She tells Jake to find Liv so she can get answers. Later, Jake threatens Cyrus for telling Mellie about Liv killing both Rashad and Quinn. Even with a knife to his throat, Cyrus doesn’t give in and refuses to tell Mellie to back down from her inquiry.

Instead, Cyrus tells Mellie to ramp up her investigation into Rashad’s death and to put Jake and Liv behind bars. However, Mellie is hesitant, saying she needs to hear Liv’s side first. Cyrus tells Mellie she’s afraid to run the country without Liv.

Liv, still under lockdown at Fitz’s house, refuses to talk to anyone. Abbey tries to get through to Liv, but Liv offers no response. David Rosen tries his luck as well, but Liv ignores him too.

Later, Huck goes to Liv’s room to drop off food. When Liv realizes it’s him, she tries to persuade him to help her get out of the house. Huck refuses to help her, saying he’s no longer her gladiator.

Jake is still trying to track down Liv. During his search, he runs into Mellie. Mellie tries to get answers out of Jake again and he eventually tells her the truth — that Liv did kill Rashad. Mellie gets upset after he reveals that Liv did it because Mellie, “couldn’t keep her legs closed.”

In Vermont, Fitz is the last person to go to Liv’s room to try and reason with her. She still refuses to talk.

The next day, Liv finally leaves her room. She tells the gladiators that she is resigning as chief of staff and agrees to leave B613. She also apologizes for letting Quinn die.

Later that day, Jake finds Liv back at her place where she tells him she’s “about to lose every friend she ever had.” They sleep together and the gladiators learn that Liv is not resigning after all or letting go of B316.

The next morning, Liv tells Jake to put President Mellie in check by blackmailing her. He agrees, but realizing Liv is still power hungry, decides to tell Mellie to put someone else in power — himself. Mellie seemingly agrees and when Liv comes into the office, she realizes she is being moved out. She heads to Mellie’s office to confront her.

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