In "Saturday Night Live" sketch, a stressed-out Melania Trump seeks advice from former first ladies

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NBC/Will Heath(NEW YORK) — Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Donald Trump during the Saturday Night Live cold open once again this weekend.

And SNL cast member Cecily Strong did double duty, playing White House communications director Hope Hicks during the cold open, and then a few sketches later, as first lady Melania Trump.

Guest host Natalie Portman, playing late first lady Jackie Kennedy, visited Strong’s Melania as she prepared to attend the State of the Union.

During the sketch, the first lady is also visited by other former first ladies — who imparted words of wisdom to a stressed-out Mrs. Trump — including Michelle Obama, played by Leslie Jones; Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon; and Martha Washington, played by Aidy Bryant.

“Come on, Melania, practice your happy face,” Strong’s Melania told herself before pouting into the mirror. “Oh, I don’t belong as first lady. I wish I could talk to someone who’s been through this whole mess before.”

Portman’s Kennedy then appeared from a cloud of smoke: “Hello, Melania, it is me, Jackie Kennedy,” she said. “I have come to you in your hour of need, because I know how trying being first lady can be. All first ladies have a platform. Yours is bullying, mine was little hats.”

McKinnon’s Clinton also appeared, and told Strong’s first lady, “Melania, I feel your pain, but you married him. And like America you had a choice, so don’t choose to eat 7-11 sushi and then come to me saying, ‘Something’s wrong!'”

Leslie Jones’s Michelle Obama appeared, and said, “Look, Barack and I have a perfect relationship. It’s like The Notebook, but black and rich.”

When McKinnon’s Clinton said that those words aren’t helpful, Jones’ Obama responded, “Whatever, my arms rule, I love vegetables and I can be president whenever I want.”

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