Linsey Davis dishes on her children’s book "The World Is Awake" and its special message

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ABC/Jolene Siana(NEW YORK) — Emmy award-winning journalist and ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis can now add “children’s author” to her resume.

Davis, who has a three-year-old son named Ayden, says he was the main reason why she decided to write her first children’s book, The World Is Awake.

“It was certainly important for me, because I was looking for books for him and going to the bookstores,” Davis tells ABC Radio. “And now you know it’s Black History Month and so there might be like a table with all the black children’s books out. But if you’re just normally looking from day to day for these books… there’s not so many.”

Davis continues, “It’s better than it has been, but certainly not where we should be in 2018. When you look at, you know, half of the kids in this country are not white and yet more than 90 percent of protagonists in children’s books are white.”

While the need for more diverse literature is one reason she wrote her book, Davis says her story also has a special, more spiritual purpose.

“And then I figured this would be a great idea to introduce God this way to other children his age, because you know while we have the books at home certainly — where you know, the talk about scripture and Daniel in the lion’s den, and Jonah and the whale, and David and Goliath — he’s not old enough to yet understand God’s place in that,” she explains.

“And so this — I just felt like was a way to just say, ‘Yes.. look at the butterfly, look at the bunny rabbit.’ In the same excitement that he has for all those things around him and kind of equate them with God’s handiwork.”

The World Is Awake is now available now.

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