"Scandal" recap: "Army of One"

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ABC/Eric McCandless(NEW YORK) — On the Scandal episode “Army of One,” Liv confronts Mellie about making Jake her new chief-of-staff. Mellie tells Liv it’s not about Jake, it’s about Liv killing President Rashad.

Although Liv tries to defend her actions and insists Mellie change her mind, Mellie stands firm and tells Liv she has to go. Liv reluctantly leaves.

Quinn sees the news report that Liv is out. However, Eli is skeptical and tells Quinn they cannot go after Liv until they know she is no longer in command.

At the White House, Jake shows President Mellie where he runs his covert operations. During his briefing, the place loses its power. Jake knows Liv is behind the outage and calls her. She tells him that she is still in “command.” 

Vice President Cyrus meets with Mellie and tells her he’s upset she brought in Jake to replace Liv. Cyrus explains that Jake is just as bad as Liv, but Mellie refuses to fire Jake and sends Cyrus away.

Jake, meanwhile, is being manipulated by Liv. Liv tries to sabotage Jake by leaking the affair that Jake’s wife is having with another man to the press, somehow making it seem like Jake participated in espionage.

Liv later visits Cyrus and tries to enlist him to help her get rid of Jake. But instead, Cyrus comes up with his own plan to try to exonerate Jake in the media. Liv is upset that she’s been played.

Cyrus then visits Liv at home to show her a classified document, which would allow her to take down Mellie. At first, Liv doesn’t take the bait. But she later agrees. Visiting Mellie at her doctor’s appointment, Liv tells Mellie that she is not resigning from her position as chief of staff, but instead calling for Mellie to step down as president – by using the classified information that Cyrus gave to her.

Quinn, who still under Eli’s protection, asks him to let her leave if she promises to spare Liv’s life and not seek revenge against Liv. Eli agrees.

With baby in tow, Quinn leaves, but instead of disappearing, she goes to Liv’s home to confront her. Liv tries to defend her actions to Quinn, but Quinn isn’t buying it. Liv warn Quinn that B613 snipers are guarding her and to be careful brandishing her gun at Liv. However, Quinn doesn’t believe her, until a shot flies through the window. Quinn and the baby are safe, but Liv gets shot in the arm. Quinn runs out.

Liv heads to her father’s house to get patched up. He gives her some fatherly advice.

At the White House, Mellie tells Jake she is going to resign. A few moments later, Liv holds a press conference where — instead of throwing Mellie under the bus, she decides to resign. 

At the gladiators’ office, the team watches Liv resign. During this time, Quinn, who they believed was dead, shows up with the baby.

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