Speed skating, ice-dancing and kissing: Let the "Bachelor Winter Games" begin!

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ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(VERMONT) — If you don’t want to watch the Winter Olympics because there just isn’t enough hot-tubbing involved, here’s some good news: Bachelor Winter Games premieres Tuesday night on ABC.

The four-episode, two-week series features contestants from past Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, as well as the show’s various franchises from around the world, including Canada, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Japan, China, Finland and the U.K. 

The 26 contestants stay at a resort in snowy Vermont and compete in a series of winter sports-themed challenges, including speed skating, biathlon and ice-dancing.  In addition to host Chris Harrison, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm is on hand to offer play-by-play commentary.  And, of course, there will also be the usual rose ceremonies, dates and drama.

“I think [Bachelor Nation will] love it,” Storm tells ABC Radio.  “I think any time you put snow on television, people watch…and then you put romance together with that…fireplaces and hot tubs…and also..there’s a lot of slipping and sliding and wipe-outs and things like that.”

The international cast lends a unique twist to the show, according to Storm.

“There are very different sensibilities about things like kissing on television…and also there were some language barriers,” she explains. “There were some cultural differences…we were hoping for some international romances and it doesn’t disappoint in that regard!”

As for whether Storm will be extending her play-by-play duties to the, er, “indoor sports” on the show, she laughs, “No, no hot-tub action!…I am sticking to sports!”

But wait: Isn’t it dangerous for non-athletes to try these sports? After all, biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting.

“I will say,” Storm laughs, “that we didn’t use guns that actually had ammunition in them!” 

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