"The Bachelor" recap: Ciao, Italia… and Bekah M.

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ABC/Heidi Gutman(LOS ANGELES) — Week seven of The Bachelor set our man Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the seven bachelorettes in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, where he had to choose four women for the upcoming hometown dates, where the four remaining girls will take him to meet their friends and family.

Chris Harrison told the girls that there would be no rose ceremony and that Arie would go on three one-on-one dates and one group date. Bekah K. got the first date card, with Arie inviting her to “fall in love under the Tuscan sun.”

Arie and Bekah went to Barga and walked around and had a picnic and spent a lot of time kissing. Arie acknowledged that there was passion between them but he was still uncertain. Later, over dinner, they confessed to each that being able to rekindle their affection made a difference for each of them and Arie gave her a rose. Arie said he’s falling for her and is ready to travel to Minnesota to meet her family.

The second date card was for Lauren B.. Jacqueline went to Arie’s room to confess that she has some doubts. They had some wine and talked and in spite of her confusion, she said goodbye to Arie and the girls and went home.

Lauren and Arie went to Luca and biked around. Lauren commented that the town square was “very Italian.” They ate pizza and joined some children playing soccer and later, over dinner, Lauren confessed she was falling in love with Arie. This made him get up and walk around. When he returned he confessed to Lauren that he felt vulnerable around her and was falling deeply in love with her, and gave her a rose.

Sienne got the last date card and Arie took her hunting for truffles with professional truffle finder Julio the Truffle Hunter and his dogs. After the dogs found some truffles, they joined Julio for lunch where they spent more time interacting with Julio’s family than with each other.

While Sienne and Arie were having dinner, the group date card arrived for Bekah M., Tia and Kendall.

Back at dinner, Arie told Sienne that he felt they should be further along than they were and he wasn’t feeling the feelings that he should be feeling. Then he told her he can’t give the rose and walked her out. She did not cry.

The group date convened at the palatial Villa Royale. Arie took Kendall for a walk and talked about meeting her family. On his walk with Tia, she expressed her concern that Bekah M. is too young. Later, Tia told Bekah what she said and this upset Bekah, but in their private time, Arie comforted her.

Arie asked Bekah about her family and if they’d be concerned about the age difference. Bekah pointed out that she’s getting gray hairs. The two of them clearly had great chemistry throughout the show, but the biggest hangup for Arie seemed to be that Bekah is 22 and he’s 36; while Bekah just wanted to be seen for who she is and not how old she is.

When the moment of truth arrived, Arie gave Kendall a rose and it was down to Tia and Bekah M.  After an evening talking to each of them alone, in a stunning twist, Arie gave the last rose to Tia and walked Bekah out.

Next week, Arie meets the parents!

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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