Reps for Scott Baio respond to charges of abusive behavior

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Raymond Hall/GC Images(LOS ANGELES) — Representatives for Scott Baio held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to forcefully deny charges leveled earlier in the day by former Charles in Charge child star Alexander Polinksy, that Baio had been abusive towards him for years while they worked together on the show.

Baio was not present at the news conference but Baio’s spokesman, Brian Glicklich, and his lawyer, Jennifer McGrath, addressed the accusations on the actor’s behalf.

Glicklich read at statement from Baio when said, in part, “I am stunned that anyone could be so cruel as to attack not just me, but my entire family with lies.”

Glicklich also noted that, “Scott denies every single claim of inappropriate behavior.”

Earlier Wednesday, Polinksy alleged that Baio began harassing and abusing him after he witnessed an intimate moment between the actor and an underage Nicole Eggert.  Polinksy accused Baio of using homosexual slurs against him and frequently humiliating him in front of the cast and crew. Polinksy said the abuse also turned physical.

Eggert backed up Polinsky’s claims. She has already alleged that Baio sexually abused her when she was a minor, a claim Baio has denied.

Polinksy and Eggert have filed reports with the Los Angeles Police Department, which is investigating.  Baio’s reps said the claims made by Eggert and Polinsky are provably false and asserted that an investigation will clear their client.

Furthermore, Baio may take action against his accusers.  At Wednesday’s press conference,  McGrath said, “When this police investigation concludes and Scott is totally cleared of any wrongdoing, he will pursue any and all legal options available to him as to anyone who has knowingly made false claims about him.”

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