Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright dissect the cultural impact of "Black Panther"

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Marvel Studios(NEW YORK) Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright play Wakandan royal siblings in Marvel’s superhero action film Black Panther. Boseman, who plays King T’Challa as well as the titular character Black Panther, says when it comes to the movie’s impact on black culture, he hopes this film will set the new normal in Hollywood.

“Hopefully it becomes commonplace,” Boseman tells ABC Radio. “Hopefully this is something that is not the first time it’s ever happened for a young kid. After people see it, there will be a group of kids who will say, ‘Oh that’s that’s normal.'”

Boseman also adds that the film will help to spark a much needed conversation on culture.

“After seeing this, I think it’s a conversation that happens between people in the diaspora whether you are on the side of the continent [or] you are still on the continent of Africa… and you’ve been disconnected from the continent in some way,” he explains. “It’s a conversation… that has not happened on this stage and in this particular way through art. [It] will allow people to connect in their own way to their specific past and future.”

Wright, who plays Black Panther’s sister Shuri concurs, and speaks to the film “monumental” impact.

“My prayer is that… it can inspire people, it can inspire the young generation, the older generation, and everybody can just feel empowered and united,” she says. “And for the future they can flick back and see this film and know that this film is like a landmark film. The first Marvel… pretty much predominantly all black cast, African superhero film, that’s doing really well. So that can also inspire generations to come.”

Black Panther hits theaters today from Marvel Studios and Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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