Ava DuVernay says "A Wrinkle in Time" helped her "tap into [her] inner child" and "see the bright side" of life

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(NEW YORK) — Ava DuVernay became the ultimate “warrior of light” with her latest cinematic endeavor, Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time.

The film, which boasts an all-star cast of Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon and newcomer Storm Reid, was a different type of undertaking for the Oscar-nominated DuVernay.

“It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to jump genres as a director,” DuVernay tells ABC Radio. “It’s something that we all dream of being able to be muscular in different areas of your filmmaking.”

A Wrinkle in Time is a change of pace for DuVernay.  “I always look at Steven Spielberg. He can do  E.T. but he can also do Schindler’s List,” she says.  And so we need to be able to, if you have interest to pursue that — and Disney gave me the opportunity to do that. And so, while I make 13th about serious issues, or Selma, I was able to design flowers and let little girls fly with A Wrinkle in Time and that was beautiful.”

Of course, DuVernay had another major assist with the film: her adolescent self, which she says allowed her to see “the bright side a lot more.”

I really had to tap into my inner child in the making of the film just as I want adults to tap into their inner child as they’re watching the film,” she explains. “There’s something really freeing about letting go of the cynicism and dwelling in the darkness and division that’s going on in the world right now, and just to look at beauty and experience joy. And I got to do that for two years making this film.”

A Wrinkle in Time, based on Madeleine L’Engle beloved children’s book, opened Friday from Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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