Watch boy’s incredible reaction to finding out he’s going on vacation

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Brooke Crittendon(NEW YORK) — When a 3-year-old boy found out he was returning to Trinidad to visit his grandparents this summer, he just about lost it — in the most adorable way.

Brooke Crittendon told ABC News she had just given her son, Lennon, a bath when she told him the good news.

“His father is Trinidadian, so every summer the kids and the family go to Trinidad to hang with the grandparents,” she explained.

But Crittendon, who lives in New York City, was surprised by his adorable reaction — where he literally screams in excitement for nearly 40 seconds — because he was a bit hesitant to travel last year.

“He was still kind of clinging to me, but he went,” Crittendon, 36, added. “It was important for me that he go and he had a great time.”

The mother said she taped her son’s reaction “to share it with his grandparents so they could see how excited he was about coming.”

When Lennon travels this year to Trinidad, Crittendon said he’ll likely play with his first cousins on a beach in Tobago, and run around at his grandparents’ house that’s littered with lemon and mango trees.

“That’s going to be his summer tradition,” she said. “I think that it’s really cool at his age to have a global perspective.”

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