"Fresh Off the Boat" star Constance Wu loves playing a character with "no filter" and watching her on-screen kids grow

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ABC/Image Group LA(LOS ANGELES) — Constance Wu plays the no-nonsense, no-filter mom, Jessica Huang, on the ABC show Fresh Off the Boat. But just because she wrangles three boys on the show, doesn’t mean she takes on the mom role on set.

“Not at all,” she laughs. “I actually treat them like they’re professional actors and I think that’s actually helpful because people often behave the way you treat them and so they are quite professional.”

She adds that the kids all have their parents on set with them, so they don’t need a second mom. But when it comes to the most rewarding part of the job over the past four seasons, for Wu it’s been watching the kids grow.

“It’s been really rewarding for me to watch the kids and how much they’ve grown as actors and as people,” she says. “They’re just really good kids, they’re kind to each other, they’re interested, they’re curious, they’re positive and it’s kind of great to see that.”

As season four comes to a close tonight, Wu teases that we’ll see Jessica finally completing her book and attempting to get a blurb from her favorite author, Stephen King.

“It’s kinda fun playing a character who has no filter,” Wu says. “I think most people in life have a little bit of filter. But she’s very free to be exactly who she is.”

While the show has yet to be renewed for season five, Wu has faith in its future.

“Honestly, I think our writers are so tremendous and they’ve come up with such great ideas and such great storylines that I would trust whatever they wanted to do with the show,” she says. 

The season finale of Fresh Off the Boat airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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