"The Voice" recap: Battles begin with Adam Levine winning a three-way fight to steal one of Kelly Clarkson’s artists

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Trae Patton/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — It was the first night of the battle rounds on The Voice Monday, as teammates went head-to-head for the right to advance to the next stage in the competition. The evening culminated in Adam Levine winning a three-way fight with Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton to steal one of Kelly Clarkson’s artists.

Each coach enlisted the help of a guest adviser during rehearsals: Julia Michaels for Team Adam; Trace Adkins for Team Blake; Shawn Mendes for Team Alicia; and Hailee Steinfeld for Team Kelly.

Here are Monday’s highlights:

Jamai, and Sharane Calister, representing Team Alicia, went head-to-head against each other on “Mercy,” by her team adviser Shawn Mendes, who urged them to put their own spin on it. Alicia, addressing the camera, said both artists were “killing it,” but the winner of the battle would be the one who best conveyed the emotion of the song. That ended up being Calister, who advances to the next round. Jamai was sent home.

For her first battle of the night, Kelly paired 14-year-old Brynn Cartelli and Dylan Hartigan, 21, on Taylor Swift’s “Ready for It,” and challenged them to give the pop hit a “swampy feel.” For Kelly, the competition came down to a battle of nerves, and which singer could control his or hers the best. Following the performance, Kelly chose Brynn for her “cool vibe.” Cartelli advances to the next round.

However, Dylan’s run isn’t over yet, as Blake pulled off a last minute steal, grabbing him for his team.

Shelton’s Jesslee Stuart then faced off against Kyla Jade on “One Last Time,” by Ariana Grande. Blake, addressing the camera, explained that Jesslee had “a powerful rock edge,” while Kyla had an incredible, huge voice, although the former backup singer needed to step up and be the star. The victory, said Shelton, would be the singer who “blew the roof off the place.” Blake gave the round to Kyla, who moves on to the knockouts. Stuart was sent packing.

Rayshun Lamarr and Tish Haynes Keys, representing Team Adam, battled on “Sweet Thing,” by Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan. Adam called putting the two powerhouse vocalists together “the worst and best decision he ever made,” but quoted his former Voice colleague Pharrell Williams, who said “Talent finds a way.” Adam named Rayshun the winner, for his range and emotion. He advances in the competition.

Tish also advances though, now as a member of Team Kelly, whole stole the singer.

Alicia’s second pairing of the night, Christiana Danielle and Shana Halligan, dueted on Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” Mendes talking to the camera, noted that Christiana had an incredible tone that immediately drew him in, while Shana had one of the most unique voices he’d ever heard. Following the battle, it was Christiana who advanced to the knockout rounds. Shana was sent home.

Clarkson’s final pairing of the night was Jackie Foster and D.R. King, who went head-to-head on Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” which she explained, complemented their big voices. Kelly, addressing the camera, predicted the battle would be a tossup, and she would most likely have to “pray” when it came time to decide. Clarkson ultimately went with King, who advances in the competition.

That touched off a three-way battle for Jackie, between Adam, Alicia and Blake. After each coach finished pleading his or her case, it was Adam’s argument that Foster “was up there alone,” as far as he was concerned, and needed someone “who continues to feel that way” moving forward that convinced Foster to pick him.

The battles continue Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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