John Boyega on gender equality in Hollywood: "These are things we need…now more than ever

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Disney(NEW YORK) — As Star Wars star John Boyega gears up for the release of his new sci-fi film, Pacific Rim Uprising, the British actor is also weighing in on the importance of inclusion riders and the changes he would like to see Hollywood make over the next few years.

“I think they’ve got to fixate on who we’re hiring,” Boyega tells ABC Radio. “And I think it’s an illusion when you just try to make people in front of the camera mostly a minority, and you’re not doing it behind the scenes.”

Just last week, Boyega, who gets his first production credit on Pacific Rim Uprising, revealed he’s adopting the “inclusion rider” concept, which ensures diversity in hiring both behind and in front of the camera. He believes it’s time for Hollywood to become accountable and “studios” to get on board.

“We need that same knowledge, those same experiences, behind the scenes, as writers, directors, producers, and executives — those opportunities also,” he says.

For Boyega, one of the most startling things about Hollywood is the lack of women behind the camera.

“These are the things that we need and specifically now more than ever for women,” Boyega explains. “I always feel a little bit bad because it’s just mad — even in terms of female directors. There’s not much out there…And that’s crazy!”

He continues, “A woman’s perspective on a film could be so intricate, and detailed and fantastic, and we’re not benefiting ourselves not doing that.”   

Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters Friday, March 23.

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