Lucious and Cookie are "Birds in the Cage" in midseason premiere of "Empire"

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FOX(NEW YORK) — (SPOILERS AHEAD) The midseason premiere of Empire kicks off with Jamal upset about killing Angelo and Cookie trying to calm him down. Cookie tells Thirsty that she can’t find Lucious.   

Lucious wakes up in a cabin to Claudia’s voice. He tries to escape, but is chained up.

Cookie and Thirsty conspire to find out where Lucious could be. Looking at videotape footage, they see that Claudia was at the hospital where Lucious was last seen visiting Andre.  

Claudia’s therapist, Gloria, visits Cookie and Thirsty. Cookie tells her about Lucious’ disappearance. The therapist says that Claudia’s background includes a fair share of trauma.

Back at the cabin, Lucious tries to escape again. Claudia foils his attempt. Cookie travels to find Lucious, while Hakeem and Jamal visit Andre.

Cookie arrives at Claudia’s cabin. Cookie finds Lucious at the piano and reminds him that he has a company to run. Lucious tells Cookie that he’s working with Claudia, prompting Cookie to leave.

Cookie realizes that Lucious was trying to give her a clue back at the cabin with the song he was playing on the piano. She heads back and finds Lucious, who tells her that he’s chained up. She tries to find a solution until Claudia knocks her out. 

Cookie wakes up to find her hands tied to a table. Claudia says she loves Lucious. Cookie and Lucious get into a war of words about Giuliana and Angelo, which turns into a therapy session with Claudia. Claudia puts a knife to Cookie’s throat after she says that she won’t leave without Lucious and vice versa. 

Gloria shows up to the cabin, asking about Lucious, but Claudia knocks Gloria out cold. Claudia tasers Cookie, but Lucious punches Claudia. He sets up to kill Claudia, but doesn’t. The police arrive and Cookie and Lucious are free.

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