Gabrielle Union debunks misconceptions and challenges "stereotypes" with her new film, "Breaking In"

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ABC Image Group LA(NEW YORK) — Gabrielle Union is one tough mama bear in her new thriller, Breaking In.

In a recent Q&A session in New York, Union dished on her character in the movie, Shaun Russell, and the misconception she’s encountered with the image of a strong black mother on screen.

“She’s a fierce protector, mama bear. Her cubs are her everything,” Union told the audience. “[But] she’s married. Everyone’s like, ‘Is Shaun a single mom?’ And I’m like, ‘Why do you think she’s a single mom?'”

According to Union, just because her character’s significant other isn’t mentioned as her husband doesn’t mean one should assume the “stereotype” that she’s a single black mother.

“You don’t have to play a pillar of the community or a stereotype” said Union, referring to some of the misconceptions about black film. “There’s a billion of things in between. There’s literally billions of brown people on the planet and can do so many things.”

Union continues, “Just give us the opportunity to show different kinds of families, different kind of stories. The books are out there. The articles are out there. We’ve optioned them, we’re now financing our own projects. We’ve shown that inclusion is actually not just the right thing to do was actually quite lucrative. We just need the opportunity.”

While Union is known for both her television and film roles, the actress says she’s more than just an actress.

“So, that’s part of the reason why I produce, have my own production company — to try to provide that opportunity.”

Breaking In hits theaters today.

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