"SNL" vet Vanessa Bayer hits the clubs in new Netflix comedy, "Ibiza"

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Netflix/Aleksandar Letic(NEW YORK) — In Netflix’s new film comedy Ibiza, Saturday Night Live alumna Vanessa Bayer plays the wild friend of an up-and-coming businesswoman, played by Gillian Jacobs. 


Bayer’s Nikki and Phoebe Robinson’s Leah invite themselves along with Jacobs’ character, Harper, when she’s finally tapped to take a business trip.  But the voyage to Spain quickly takes a detour, with the trio living it up at the legendarily crazy clubs in Ibiza. Harper’s career takes a backseat when she meets a hot DJ, and her friends are eager to help her let loose.

“We kind of got into that like nightclub type of thing which is like not something that Phoebe or Gillian and I have never really been a part of,” scene-stealer Bayer tells ABC Radio.  She adds with a laugh, “So that was very good acting.”

Bayer is best known for the stable of characters she played on SNL, on which she was a cast member for seven yeas, leaving in 2017. Which character is she recognized for the most? That would be Jacob, the newly Bar-mitzvahed boy who made frequent awkward appearances on Weekend Update.  Bayer says she gets stopped on the street over Jacob. 

“With the ‘Bar Mitzvah Boy’ yes — and a lot of people who know my brother think it’s based on him, because I guess it’s a lot of the same mannerisms,” she says.  “But it’s interesting — a lot of older men will come up to me and be like, “That’s you know that was how I was,” you know?”

Ibiza is now available on Netflix.

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