Sydelle Noel pitches her Dora Milaje character for a "Black Panther" prequel

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Marvel Studios(NEW YORK) — (SPOILERS AHEAD) Ahead of her second season return as Cherry on Glow, Sydelle Noel is still reeling over her experience as Xoliswa [zol-EES-wah] — one of Wakanda’s royal guard of elite female fighters called the Dora Milaje — in Black Panther.

Although her character ends up dying during a battle, Noel is very much on board with the idea of a Black Panther sequel that would focus on the Doras. In fact, she even has some suggestions.

“I mean, I hope they really bring me back to life,” Noel tells ABC Radio. “We can do a prequel.”

Noel adds that with the film’s success, it’s not surprising that fans are interested in seeing more of the women.

“They want to see a representation of the women — not just the Doras, but you have Shuri, you have Angela Bassett and the mother. Everybody,” she says. “They want to see that, because the women were so strong in this film. And they had this presence.”

She continues and jokes, “And that’s the thing with the Doras. Like we didn’t even say much. I only have one line in the film, “Wakanda forever!”

Noel notes that the appreciation of her current roles has a lot to do with the recent shift in woman’s empowerment.

“And this whole thing… Time’s Up moment. Like, it’s such a great time not only from Glow with a female empowerment show, but to have a Black Panther and have these women represent — with a shaved head!” she says. 

Black Panther, starring Chadwick BosemanMichael B. Jordan and Letitia Wright, is now available on DVD. Season 2 of Glow launches on June 29.

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