"Luke Cage" showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker explains how "The Wire" influenced his Marvel superhero series

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Netflix(NEW YORK) — Cheo Hodari Coker had a major undertaking ahead of him when he first signed on to helm the Marvel television series, Luke Cage. Coker, who is now gearing up for season 2 of the hit superhero show on Netflix, reveals he immediately turned to one of his favorite HBO series and it’s creator for inspiration on how to make Luke Cage a success.

“One of my biggest influences of course is David Simon and his work on The Wire,” Coker tells ABC Radio. “The Wire is by far my favorite television show of all time. And I’ve always said that my aspirations for Luke Cage was that it would be The Wire of the Marvel television universe.”

To make that type of impact, Coker says he focused on making sure his series offered more than just a simple, one-dimensional narrative.

“One of the things that was said on The Wire is, ‘All the pieces matter, and everything’s connected,'” Coker explains. “And so, we endeavor with the music to show just how the musical themes from the song titles — how they impact our storytelling thematically — to the music choices and how each music choice bounces off and is reflective of what’s happening on screen.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Luke Cage, starring Mike Colter, Simone MissickAlfre WoodardTheo RossiMustafa ShakirGabrielle Dennis and Rosario Dawson, returns June 22.

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