This world leader makes a mess of Parliament but then grabs a mop to delight of cleaning crew

Posted on: June 5th, 2018 by ABC News No Comments

ABC News(AMSTERDAM) — Most politicians could stand to spruce up their image but the Dutch prime minister made a nearly clean sweep of things Tuesday after accidentally dropping his cup of coffee on the way to Parliament.

Mark Rutte, who has led the Netherlands since 2010, took a hands-on approach to sopping up his mess as the building’s tickled cleaning crew cheered him on.

In view of the cameras, he apparently thought it wise to act quickly rather than leave it to the professionals, who eventually had to rescue him from their mop.

This is not the first time Mark Rutte has become an internet hit.

When he needed to inform King Willem-Alexander in October that after 208 days of negotiations, he had formed a new government, Rutte pedaled a short distance to Noordeine Palace on his bike.

He locked the bike and on that occasion, fortunately, was not carrying his coffee.

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