Watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing and fall in love in "A Star Is Born" trailer

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Neil Preston/Warner Bros.(LOS ANGELES) — The much-anticipated trailer for the remake of A Star Is Born is out. 

Directed by and starring Bradley Cooper, plus Lady Gaga in her big screen debut, the trailer makes it appear as though a star has indeed been born.  Gaga, completely without the glam trappings we accustomed to seeing, plays an aspiring brunette singer/songwriter named Ally, and seems completely believable in the role.

The trailer begins with Cooper’s character, Jackson, singing in front of a huge festival crowd, and then hitting the bottle after. His pal, Noodles, played by Dave Chappelle, tells him, “Y’know, man, in the old days, I always knew you were gonna do something. That you’d be all right.  This is the first time I’m worried about you.”

Next, we see Jackson discovering Ally singing in a bar, which leads him to ask her if she writes her own songs. “I don’t sing my own songs. I just don’t feel comfortable,” Ally tells him. “Almost every single person has told me they like the way I sounded but they didn’t like the way I look.”

“I think you’re beautiful,” Jackson replies.

Cue a montage of Jackson giving Ally her big break, and the two falling in love and jet-setting around the world as her star continues to rise.  At the end, Ally belts out a song that, according to Entertainment Weekly, is called “The Shallow,” co-written by Gaga collaborator Mark Ronson.

According to EW, the movie’s soundtrack will feature more songs written by Ronson, as well as top Nashville producer Dave Cobb, four-time Grammy-winning Americana and alt-country artist Jason Isbell, and Lukas Nelson, bandleader and son of country legend Willie Nelson, with whom Gaga has duetted in the past.

A Star Is Born hits theaters October 5.

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