"13 Reasons Why" newcomer Anne Winters predicts what’s next for Chloe in season three

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Netflix(NEW YORK) — If you’ve finished bingeing the second season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, you’re probably already hungry for season three.

The show was renewed last week and while Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah, won’t be returning, the rest of the characters will be back. That includes Anne Winters, who joined the series as this season’s most intriguing new character Chloe, a conflicted cheerleader dating accused rapist Bryce.

“She wants to portray that she has it all together in high school, that she has this great boyfriend that seems to appear to be the best guy ever and just trying to hide what was really going on ended up weighing a lot on her,” Winters tells ABC Radio.

[SPOILER ALERT] After defending Bryce in court, Chloe finds herself pregnant. 13 Reasons Why isn’t afraid to depict controversial topics, and Winters believes season three will be no different – particularly for her character’s storyline.

“I feel like abortion is gonna be a big topic because [Chloe] is like the only one of the show that has had to deal with this,” she says. “I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if she’d want it or not.”

As for the future of Chloe and Bryce, Winters adds, “Everyone hopes that I see Bryce for the guy he is and leave him, but I dunno!”

Thankfully, Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce, is a good guy in real life.   

“My view of him is like, ‘Aww he’s so nice,’” she says. “But watching the show back I was like, ‘God, wow, he can really do up the psychopath!’” 

In addition to 13 Reasons Why, you can also soon catch Winters on ABC’s Grand Hotel and in the film Night School out in September.

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