Tag, you’re it: Jon Hamm and Ed Helms on the "genuinely sweet" story of their movie

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ABC(NEW YORK) — The film comedy Tag, an out-of-bounds concept for keeping a friendship alive with a decades-long, no-holds-barred game of tag, is now in theaters, with an all-star cast of characters who thought the concept was too good to be true.

Actors Ed Helms and Jon Hamm tag-teamed an interview with ABC Radio to chat about the movie, the idea of which was so over-the-top it could only have come from real life — in this case, a Wall Street Journal article about the real-life group of friends and their absurd game

“I was legitimately sort of enthralled by the story,” Hamm tells ABC Radio. “I was just like, ‘I want to…hang out with these guys, it sounds like a fun group.’ And, we ended up getting the chance to actually meet them on set, and then a couple times afterwards, and are just such nice guys and their story is genuine.”

“It’s just a sweet, genuine fun story about guys who just like hanging out with each other,” adds Hamm. “And it’s it’s a good story about friends.”

The camaraderie extended to the actors playing friends, too. “We got real real, real lucky. We get some really,  like, crazy talented improvisers, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Burress are top of the game, wildly funny guys. Leslie Bibb –,” Hamm says.

“It’s not just a talented group. It’s a good hang,” Helms added. 

Hamm agreed. “We had a really good group. I mean, I think there was no other no better illustration of that than [co-star Jeremy] Renner breaking his arms [in real life] and coming back…on set four hours later — because he didn’t want to miss the hang.” 

Tag is now in theaters.

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