"The Bachelorette" recap: Becca is "p**sed" after she faces another Arie situation, sending five more men home

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ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — Becca Kufrin was faced with another Arie situation in Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette when one suitor told her he was falling for her and then took it back, pushing Becca further down a tumultuous journey towards love. 

Before she faced the dramatic incident, Becca sat down with some of the guys prior to the first rose ceremony of the episode. During the cocktail hour, she gifted Jordan tight, gold shorts, which he got very excited about. 

“Becca might have my groin on her mind,” Jordan said, “and maybe she thinks it’s worth gold.”

His excitement was immediately depleted when his enemy, David, returned to the mansion from the hospital after falling out of bed. Despite some bruising, David looked great — even though Jordan said he looked like a “time warp.” Becca didn’t seem to mind David’s face because she gave him his rose early in the evening.

At the always-suspenseful ceremony, Becca decided to send home Ryan and Mike.

For the remaining bachelors, Becca announced that they will “switch it up a little bit” by taking a trip to the mountaintops of Utah. 

Once in the snowy town of Park City, Utah, Becca invited Garrett on a one-on-one date. They started their evening shopping while making goofy jokes and jumping on each other backs. Eventually, they kicked their date into high gear by going bobsledding. 

“That bobsled ride was fast,” Becca confessed, “but I feel like my feelings for Garrett right now are coming on quickly.”

At dinner, Garrett and Becca got even closer when he attempted to open up with her. He explained that he’s been married before but got divorced after just two months. Becca became apprehensive about moving forward with him, scared he will feel forced to marry her like he did with his first wife. 

Garrett explained that he is here for her and is looking for a true connection. Becca accepted his explanation and gave him the rose. But, the night wasn’t over yet. Next, they went to a local bar and danced in front of a large crowd as Granger Smith sang “Happens Like That.”

The romantic moment led Garrett to say, “This is the first time I’ve felt this kind of love between someone. It feels so uncontrollably good inside. I’ve fallen for her hard.”

The next day, Becca invited Jordan, Chris, Blake, Nick, John, Lincoln, Leo, David, Connor, Christon, Jason, Colton, and Jean Blanc on a group date where they were put to the test. 

She explained that she is looking for “the lumberjack to my lumberjill,” so she made the guys compete in Becca’s Big Lumberjack Bash, which consisted of lifting 400-pound pieces of wood, throwing an ax, and scaling a 30-foot pole. 

After the playful date, the group tried to impress Becca over dinner, but everything turned sour early in the evening. First, Colton wore his golden underwear Becca gave him, which angered a lot of the guys. Colton confronted Jordan about being disrespectful.

“I’ve lost all respect for you,” the former NFL player told Jordan. Seems Jordan can add Colton to the growing list of his enemies on the show. 

But, the evening really takes a turn for the worse when Jean Blanc sat down with Becca. During an uncomfortable talk, he explained that he was falling in love with her, which made Becca very confused. She told him it was way too early in their relationship and that she is not on the same page. 

When walking him out, Jean Blanc confessed that he didn’t mean what he said; he was only telling her what he thought she wanted to hear. Suddenly, Becca lost it. She was catapulted back to last season on The Bachelor when Arie asked her to marry him despite wanting another woman. So, she sent Jean Blanc packing and went off on the rest of the suitors. 

“I’m so p**sed,” she told the group. “I’m only asking for honesty from you guys. That’s all I want, and to not get that — I feel so disrespected, and I’m so upset with him. But, if anyone else can’t be honest with me from here on out, then I don’t want you here.”

She finished her rant by telling the guys she is going home and not giving anyone the date rose. It left a lot of the guys on edge, worried she will put her walls back up. 

The next day, Wills was tasked with the monumental task of taking Becca on a one-on-one date just as she was contemplating her fate in this journey. In fact, Becca started the date, crying to the camera, saying “I feel off right now.”

But, after riding around on snowmobiles, Becca confessed Wills was the perfect guy to help her get out of this rut.

“This is what I needed to today. It means a lot, especially, after last night. Yesterday derailed me but my journey for love is back on track,” she said. 

Wills even tried to relate with her on the idea of heartbreak. He explained that he often feels like he isn’t good enough because he found out the love of his life was cheating on him. At that moment, she gave him a rose. 

The next day, Chris Harrison told the guys that Becca didn’t want a cocktail hour this week and wanted to go straight to the rose ceremony because she knew exactly what she needed to do. 

“I learned so much with Arie,” she told Harrison. “I want to do things my way and this feels right.”

Finally, at the second rose ceremony of the episode, Becca sent home Nick and Christon. 

The journey doesn’t stop for the remaining 12 men, though. Next week, Becca announced she is taking them to Las Vegas. 

The bachelors who will take a trip to Sin City are:

Garrett, 29, a medical sales representative from Reno, Nevada
Wills, 29, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California
Leo, 31, a stuntman from Studio City, California
Colton, 26, a former professional football player from Denver, Colorado
Blake, 28, a sales representative from Bailey, Colorado
Jason, 29, a senior corporate banker from Seattle, Washington
Connor, 25, a fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida
Lincoln, 26, an account sales executive from Los Angeles, California
John, 28, a software engineer from San Francisco, California
Chris R, 30, a sales trainer from Orlando, Florida
David, 25, a venture capitalist from Denver, Colorado
Jordan, 26, a male model from Crystal River, Florida

The Bachelorette airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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