Jimmy Fallon claps back at Donald Trump over Twitter dis

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NBC/Andrew Lipovsky(NEW YORK) — Jimmy Fallon used Monday’s Tonight Show to answer President Donald Trump’s criticism of him for expressing remorse over their notorious 2016 interview, during which Fallon tussled the president’s hair and in the process drew criticism from Trump critics for “humanizing” him.

“@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous “hair show” with me (where he seriously messed up my hair), & that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have “humanized” me-he is taking heat,” tweeted the president Sunday. “He called & said ‘monster ratings.’ Be a man Jimmy!”

Monday night, Fallon explained that he was just trying to find out what “all people wanted to know is what is his hair — real is it a toupee, is it fake, is it CGI? No one has any idea what is on the man’s head.”

Fallon continued: “So I go, ‘I’m gonna get in there and touch it, and I’ll tell you if it’s real.’ And we’ve asked him for years. He’s a reality star on NBC, he’s been on our show 10 times, and we’ve always asked him, he said, ‘No thanks.'”

As for what’s up with Trump’s hair?  “[I]t’s definitely a real comb over,” Fallon declared.  “It is unbelievable. And it went up. It was like beating egg whites. It just kept getting bigger and bigger.”

As for Trump’s claim that Fallon called him afterward to thank him for “monster ratings”: “I never called this human in my life. I don’t have his number, I don’t want his number,” said Fallon, adding “By the way Donald, I don’t know if you’ve seen my ratings these past two years — you didn’t help my ratings.”

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