‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ star Joseph Fiennes reacts to seeing Handmaid-dressed political protesters

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SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — On Monday, protesters dressed as characters from the hit TV show The Handmaid’s Tale appeared outside a Philadelphia hotel where Vice President Mike Pence was speaking.  

Now, one of the show’s stars is offering his reaction to the sight of women, sporting the show’s signature red robes and white bonnets, taking to the streets both yesterday and at other demonstrations.

Joseph Fiennes, who plays patriarchal oppressor Fred Waterford on the show, tells ABC Radio, “I’m always sort of struck how that iconic look of red and white has become a part of the protest movement…Even recently, Pence has been speaking or will be, and 100 handmaids will go and listen to him in silent protest.”

Noting that he finds the trend “incredible,” Fiennes also gives kudos to the show’s costume designer, Anne Crabtree, for “bringing about that iconic look.”

In terms of the hit Hulu show’s ability to reflect the current state of the world, Fiennes says, “I think we got very lucky with the political zeitgeist and a movement — or maybe our writers are a clairvoyant, I don’t know, but they’re tapping into something….this particular psyche and world that seems to throw a mirror up to our own age, but none more so than now.”

He adds, “So, it’s great that people have really felt that it speaks to them and the very important issues that we’re surrounded with today.” 

Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.

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