After having a baby at 54, Brigitte Nielsen says she’s "never been happier"

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ABC News/Robert Zepeda(NEW YORK) — Brigitte Nielsen, who made worldwide headlines earlier this year when she gave birth at age 54, opened up about motherhood and her baby, saying that now at age 55, she has “never been happier in my life.”

“The best part of being a mom at my age is being my age,” Nielsen told ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth. “I’m mature….I’ve never been happier in my life.”

Nielsen and her husband Mattia Dessi, 39, welcomed their daughter, Frida, in June, after the couple spent 10 years trying to get pregnant.

Nielsen has four sons, who are currently in their 20s and 30s, from previous relationships.

“We didn’t give up,” the actress says, adding the long journey, “has made us come even closer. Nielsen said doctors were only giving her a 2% chance of getting pregnant using in-vitro fertilization treatments.

After ten years of trying, when the couple finally got a positive pregnancy test, Nielsen said doctors still urged her not to share the news with others because of how high-risk her pregnancy was.

“At my age…At four months you’re not safe. At five months you’re not safe.”

Finally, at 37 weeks, the couple welcomed little Frida into the world via Caesarean section.

Nielsen also blasted the double standard that many older mothers deal with that she says older fathers are often immune to, saying that people “can get really mean.”

Nielsen added that her husband is “15 years younger than me.”

“So in this case, Frida will have an older, gorgeous, wonderful, mature mom, and she will have a fun exciting, younger dad,” she laughed. “So she’s got the best of both worlds.”

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