Tom Cullen talks working with childhood idol Mark Hamill on season two of ‘Knightfall’

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L-R Mark Hamill, Tom Cullen — History/Larry Horricks(NEW YORK) — In season two of History’s Knightfall, Welsh actor Tom Cullen got the chance to work alongside his childhood idol: Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Hamill trades his Star Wars lightsaber for a real sword to play Talus, a Knights Templar veteran tasked with training new recruits. He’s nearly unrecognizable with long grey hair and a long beard.

“When he first came onto set it wasn’t like Mark Hamill was there,” Cullen says. “He really does look different. I mean he looks a little bit like Gandalf [from Lord of the Rings], in a good way. Like a battle-hardened version of Gandalf.”

Talus will determine if Cullen’s disgraced knight Landry is worthy of rejoining the Order, and conflict between the two quickly ensues. Despite their characters butting heads, Cullen says working with Hamill was a dream come true.

“He’s the hardest worker, the nicest guy, gets really involved and so even before he came to set, he had already really normalized the situation and he very quickly makes you feel like you’re friends,” he says. “He’s a great guy.”

Season two promises redemption, revenge and some super cool stunts. As for the heavy armor his character has to wear, Cullen says they made it a little more manageable this season.

“It’s not 50 pounds anymore, it’s about 45,” he laughs. 

Knightfall debuts season two on History tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

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