Multiple airlines experience computer problems, groundings

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izusek/iStock(NEW YORK) — At least five airlines were affected by a computer issue Monday morning that grounded several flights in major cities around the country, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Several airlines are experiencing issues with a flight planning weight and balance program,” the FAA said in a statement after Delta and Southwest reported issues via Twitter.

United, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines were also affected by the computer outage, as well as American Airlines regional carriers, the FAA said.

Planes were grounded nationwide, including in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but systems for at least two of the major airlines were resolved within about an hour.

Delta, Southwest and American reported the computer system issue had been resolved within about an hour, averting major ripple effects for travel Monday. The trouble arose from system outages with Aerodata, a program that approves the weight and balance of a plane before it takes off, the FAA said.

Delta did not expect any cancellations and said teams were working to resolve delays, according to a statement. Southwest also predicted “scattered flight delays.”

“The technical issue that impacted a few of our regional carriers has been resolved. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience,” American Airlines responded to passenger complaints on Twitter.

“A brief third-party technology issue that prevented some Delta Connection flights from being dispatched on time this morning has been resolved. No cancellations are expected due to the issue and our teams are working to resolve some resulting delays,” Delta said in a statement.

Monday morning’s computer issues come after several airlines of the same airlines suffered another outage to a different system last week. The Sabre system, which handles ticketing and boarding, affected American, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines.

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