AP PHOTOS: Shrine in Japan offers solace to those at home

Posted on: May 16th, 2020 by ABC News No Comments

Shinto shrines, a go-to place for many Japanese to pray for good health and safety, have largely shuttered during the coronavirus pandemic. But one Tokyo shrine went online for those seeking solace.

Onoterusaki Shrine in downtown Tokyo was livestreaming prayers on Twitter during a May 1-10 holiday, allowing those stuck at home to join rituals.

The shrine also accepted worshippers’ messages, which were printed on a virtual wooden tablet and offered to Shinto gods to keep away evil spirits and the epidemic.

“I thought about how people can pray and have a peace of mind at a time everyone is feeling uneasy about all the news and going through major changes in their life but still cannot go out to pray,” head priest Ryoki Ono said. “The idea is to provide a chance for people to pray from home.”

For Machi Zama, a freelance writer, that’s just what she needed. Zama prayed for her friend who recently had surgery, and everyone else experiencing difficult times, as well as for an early…

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