Amy Sedaris offers up a unconventional quarantine tanning tip: Use bacon fat!

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Desiree Navarro/Getty ImagesBy MEGAN STONE, ABC News

(NEW YORK) — With many Americans still quarantining at home due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, it’s understandable that as the days slowly morph into warmer, summer-like weather, people are understandably starting to dream of beach bodies and sun-kissed skin.

Strangers With Candy star Amy Sedaris has an idea on how to spice up that quarantine life and achieve golden brown skin while trapped indoors.  Her tip? Use bacon fat as a tanning oil.

And, yes, she’s serious.

“If you’re tanning and have a fire escape, you can stick your legs out and put bacon fat on ’em,” she told the New York Post in a Wednesday interview. “But be careful of horseflies.”

The 59-year-old raved about the wonders of bacon fat, encouraging everyone to “Just save that bacon fat for everything!”

Sedaris also opened up about how filming her TruTV series At Home With Amy Sedaris prepared her for lockdown. 

“Our show already feels like it’s in quarantine because we never leave the freakin’ set,” she quipped.  “We shot it inside of an I Dream of Jeannie bottle and now we’re all living inside of an I Dream of Jeannie bottle.”

While filming the series’ third season took place long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the BoJack Horseman alum hopes her set won’t depress her fans.  “I just hope people don’t get that claustrophobic feeling, if they’re stuck at home, watching other people stuck on a set,” she expressed.

As for how Sedaris is dealing with quarantine? “My attention span is shorter,” she admitted. “I have less patience. I don’t really have what it takes to watch a movie and I don’t really want to listen to music; I don’t really know what I want, you know?”

At Home With Amy Sedaris airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TruTV.

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